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Hydrogen energy s.r.o.
nám. Míru 1217
768 24 Hulín
Czech Republic
ID: 28646614

E-mail: info@hydrogenenergy.cz

Phone: +420 602 188 035
Phone: +420 602 710 166


Transport is not included in the final price for orders on eshop.hydrogenenergy.cz
Transportation options:
• Shipping services (PPL Sprint, Gebrüder Weiss)
• Personal collection (from the premesis of Hydrogen energy s.r.o., nám. Míru 1217, Hulín 768 24)

Transport costs are included in the sales invoice.

Shipping services within the Czech Republic are billed as follows (including VAT):

• Small Ducato 12 CZK/km

• Large truck 23 to 28 CZK/km + any toll charges approx. 2 CZK/km

• Gebrüder Weiss shipping service up to 100kg from 220 to 600 CZK (delivery within 48 hours after dispatch)

• Gebrüder Weiss shipping service over 100kg (max 1,000 kg) from 790 to 2,800 CZK (delivery within 48 hours after dispatch) the carrier always announces the delivery time in advance on the day of delivery.

For these types of transport the delivery time will be specified by the carrier by telephone on the day of delivery.

Delivery time

Dispatch of orders is the time at which the ordered goods are transferred from the warehouse to the carrier. This is followed by the delivery time, i.e. the period during which the carrier brings the selected goods. The time varies based on the shipping company.

The sending of goods shall not take place if the Buyer fails to fulfill their payment obligations according to the Contract of Sale, i.e. delivery date shall be extended by the number of days in which the Buyer is in default in payment of 100% of the amount on the invoice, the payment means the amount credited to the account of the Seller. Unless otherwise agreed with the Seller.

ATTENTION! The number of days of the shipping time is calculated in working days!

Consequently, if the shipping time includes a weekend, another 2 days should be added to that period.

All shipping times may vary. In the mentioned case, the Seller must contact the Buyer to acquaint them with the facts.

If the Seller is not able to provide the goods within the promised shipping time or they are only able to partially fulfill the Buyer's order, the Buyer is sent an email with information about the new estimated shipping time. In the event that the Seller fails to obtain the goods ordered by the Buyer from any Supplier within the extended deadline, the Seller shall automatically send an e-mail with information about the cancellation of the order.

If the Buyer wants to continue to wait for the goods they shall send this information to the Seller and the order will not be canceled.

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