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Kombinovaná výroba tepla a elektřiny pomocí THG.

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Heat level generator with oil

price 560,00 Eur w/o VAT
HLG serves as a source of electrical energy as a source of thermal energy from waste heat. It should be noted that the performance of HLG is proportional to input heat. HLG operates independently without any power supply. It is cooled by a circulation pump. Power outputs are rated to withstand operating at operating temperatures up to 250 ˚ C. electrical terminal is designed to prevent heat damage. Thermal energy supply is ensured by the oil heat exchanger, which is included with the product. Oil heat exchanger is used to transfer thermal energy to heat energy and HLG of this system is provided with a water heat exchanger, which is part of HLG. The maximum temperature of the oil entering the oil heat exchanger is 250 ˚ C. Oil lines must meet all safety standards in the state. HLG can be used wherever there is sufficient contact or radiant heat (meant as a source of heat such as hot surfaces of boilers, chimneys, fireplaces, and other sources of radiant and contact heat) To establish this system in residential applications, it is necessary to calculate your energy requirements and accordingly choose the appropriate number of HLG to be able to in real time with an average output of the heat source to achieve full coverage of the energy connected electrical load to the source. The oil-water HLG is recommended wherever HLG is to enclose the heat source and the sum of all HLG is greater than 2 kW. Oil heating oil by a separate heat exchanger. Applications: Biogas plants, incinerators, boilers, gas turbines, generators, solar mirror stoves, power plants (fossil fuels).

Availability 6 - 8 weeks
Manufacturer Hydrogen Energy s.r.o.
Performance under optimal conditions 200 W
Peak power 400 W
Max. time of peak power 10 min
Open circuit voltage 44 V
Current max. 4,5 A
The operating temperature of the t+ 150-250 °C
The operating temperature of the t- 10-25 °C
Efficiency 15-23 %
Weight 11,5 kg
Dimension 340 x 190 x 33 mm

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